At Peakhill, our people are our strongest asset. Our team brings integrity, passion, expertise, and experience to our work. We promote a culture of respect, trust and transparency, where our people are empowered to achieve success. Associates, analysts, and loan originators are all empowered to make decisions for our clients in a timely manner.

Harley Gold

Managing Director Peakhill Capital

Jonah Belkin

Managing Director Peakhill Equity Partners

Remy Caruso

Director of Credit and Operations

Paul Heydweiller

Vice President Peakhill Equity Partners

Anitha Jesudasan

Director of Servicing

Cameron Smith

 Controller at Peakhill

Jessica Tsui

Senior Funder

Shawn (Yuxiao) Ning

Vice President, Financing

George Misik

Vice President, Financing

Roberto D’Abate

Vice President, Financing Québec

Steven Hart

Vice President, Financing Alberta

Robert Drizis

 Vice President, Financing – Affordable Housing Specialist​

Max Goyzman

Vice President, Financing

Benjamin Tobin

Vice President, Financing

Josh Koperwas

Vice President, Financing

Isabel Lontoc

Vice President, Financing

TJ Kaloti

Vice President, Financing

David Mucciardi

 Vice President, Institutional Markets

Chaim Karpel

Vice President, Institutional Sales

Dana Capland

 Marketing Manager

Christopher Gibson

 Vice President Private Investment, North America

Cameron Dowell


James Lynn


Rachel Dalle-Mule


Alyssa Foley


Advisory Board

Ian Rosmarin

Member of Peakhill Income Opportunity Lp Credit Committee

Djenane Cameron

Chief Credit Officer

Ron Findley

Director Risk Management